Aec Enterprise Agreement 2016-19

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Following the government`s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has made it clear that while many Australians face significant economic hardship, it would not be appropriate for those who serve the public to receive wage increases. You can also find press releases, member releases, reports, submissions and governance documents. Search with the filters or scroll down the list in alphabetical order. You are invited to register if the resource you have chosen is limited to members. This action is only available to our members. Please register to use the favorite feature. SES salary increases (and equivalents) will continue to be suspended indefinitely. Widespread wage increases outside the SES (and equivalents) that took place between April 14, 2020 and April 13 The April 1, 2021 deadline must be interrupted for a six-month break from the scheduled date of the increase. These include compensation and remuneration adjustments provided for in company agreements, the provisions of Section 24(1) and THE IFAs. The provision of the Commissioner of Elections in section 24 (1) provides, on November 30, 2019 and November 30, 2020, for salary increases for authorized employees covered by the company agreement.

Our extensive collection of resources helps you become familiar with the complexity of the regulatory environment. Since the ACS had planned a salary increase in November 2020, this increase must be for 6 months (i.e. the adjournment commission has been postponed to May 2021). The wage break applies to the annual salary adjustment (i.e. the 2% increase), it does not prevent the increase in customs duties or benefit adjustments. The Australian Government Government Graduate Program offers graduates employment opportunities in different disciplines. In 2021, the AEC will participate in both the generalist Stream and the Indigenous Graduate Pathway Stream. If you apply for one of these feeds, you will only have to go through the application and selection process once per feed to be considered for a number of Australian government agencies.

Wherever you start your career in the public service as a graduate, you will be invited from day one to contribute, be recognised for your perspective and see the influence you can make in the Australian community we serve. At the ACS, our goal is to maintain an impartial and independent electoral system for Australian voters. We are the leaders in the implementation of electoral best practices. They can play a decisive role in holding an election to the Bundestag, which is the country`s largest logistical event in peacetime. At acS, we are proud of the role we play in democracy, so come see us and participate in the future of your country. We are part of the Portfolio of the Ministry of Finance and work closely with them and other SPG agencies on electoral priorities. If you are interested in working in a dynamic, innovative and collaborative environment where diversity of thought is appreciated and your individuality assumed, then the AEC is the ideal place for you. This content is only available to our members. Please log in to download this resource.

If you are not currently associated with a member, you can inquire here to find out if your organization becomes a member. The AEC Graduate Program is more than just a job, it`s your career in the Australian civil service. During this opportunity as a graduate, you have access to professional development and on-the-job training and work with committed and innovative people to design, develop and deliver policies, programmes and services that benefit all Australians. . . .