Agreement On Strategic Partnership And Mutual Support

Posted by tommy

In accordance with the treaty, both Turkey and Azerbaijan will help each other to use “all possibilities” in the event of a military attack or aggression against one of these countries. [1] India has actively supported Vietnam over the years of training, capacity building, defence technology transfer and defence credit. “Behind this particular partnership is the goal of the two countries to become regional powers and even world powers,” the daily says. With India, we are building this strategic partnership, and with Pak, we want a productive partnership that works together. But honestly, the priorities are different. However, the agreement with Turkey has its limits. The Turkish army is not obliged to intervene automatically in case of aggression against Azerbaijan; Such an intervention would be done after “additional consultations.” This was the main objective of the visit to Turkey of Hikmet Hajiyev, Azerbaijan`s foreign policy adviser, on 7 September. During the visit, the sites announced the creation of a media platform to integrate media sources from both countries and combat “black propaganda” side by side. Fahrettun Altun, Turkey`s director of communications, welcomed the agreement and said: “Improving media cooperation, communication and public diplomacy with Baku is a matter of life and death.” The two Turkish states, which often praise their ties under the slogan “one nation, two states”, face common security threats arising from Armenia`s territorial claims and Russia`s military and security presence in the South Caucasus. Armenia is home to the Russian military base in Gyumri, a town 10 kilometres from the Turkish border, which aims to put pressure on Turkey from its eastern borders. It is generally accepted that without Russian military assistance, Armenia would not have been able to maintain control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and neighbouring districts.

President Obama, whose administration was an important player in the discussions leading up to the adoption of the global climate agreement in Paris… The deepening of relations between India and Taiwan is beneficial for both sides, and the possibilities of such a relationship may include strategic defence, defence, people… The legal basis and technical feasibility of the cooperation that Azerbaijan and Turkey have established in recent decades to address these challenges together. Most importantly, in 2010 the two countries concluded the Strategic Partnership and Mutual Assistance Agreement (ASPMS), which contains a principle consistent with NATO Article 5 which, in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter, requires both parties to cooperate when one of the two countries is treated aggressively by a third country or group of states.