Burp Suite Community Edition License Agreement

Posted by tommy

What is the difference between an enterprise license and an individual license? –burp.ext=< name of the file. {jar,rb,py}: Loads the specified Burp extensions during application startup. This flag can be repeated. Our licenses have a fixed number of years. We do not offer an open-ended license. One-, two- and three-year licenses can be purchased online. I have more than one license key and I want to merge it into one key or align all the expiration data so that it works at the same time. Does the license offer free updates and maintenance? Can we share a Burp Suite Professional license for a single user between multiple people, as long as only one person uses it at the same time? Command-line arguments that are passed to the burp-rest-api JAR executable are passed to the Burp JAR suite. Therefore, you can pass the following arguments burp Suite JAR to the jar burp-rest-api to get the same functionality as if it were passed directly to the Burp Suite JAR suite.

You can purchase Burp Suite Professional custom license keys for each of your users or a multi-user key for your entire organization or multi-user keys for each of your teams, as long as you create a license for the number of people who use the software. Any installation of Burp Suite Professional requires activation. If you receive a message that no activation failed or activation failed, you have reached an activation limit, so please send us an email and we will help you. As long as you comply with our license terms, including granting a license to the right number of people who will ever be able to use the software, we are happy to offer you additional activations from time to time. On Java <= 1.8, it is also possible to run burp-rest-api as follows: Any installation of Burp Suite Professional must be enabled before working. We are aware that users may need to install Burp on more than one computer. As a reasonable reason, additional activations are allowed if you comply with the terms of the license. We reserve the right to limit the number of activations allowed per license and to prevent further activations if this limit is exceeded. . . .