Delegation Agreements

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This agreement must contain various elements in support of the agreement, including the following: on the date of entry into force of the amended delegation agreements, the deadline for tabling the report is the 14th day of each month following the reference month. Messages must be sent electronically to the following address: [email protected]. The aim of such delegation is to reduce dual supervisory functions, promote cooperation, streamline the supervisory process and reduce the burden on financial market participants. After being informed of a proposed delegation agreement in accordance with point (v), ESMA shall have the possibility to issue an opinion thereon within one month (calculated in accordance with Regulation (EEC, Euratom) No 1182/71, in accordance with Article 28(4) of ESMA Regulation. B. The delegation agreement shall contain the following information: once the conclusion has been concluded, delegation agreements shall be published on ESMA`s website to ensure that all parties concerned are duly informed. D. Unless otherwise provided for in this Regulation, a delegation agreement, where it involves the delegation of one or more advanced tasks, shall contain the following additional information and documents: Work towards greater prudential convergence shall be beneficial for both EU supervisors and financial market participants. One of the instruments available to achieve this is the transfer of tasks and competences from one national competent authority (CBA) to another or to ESMA. E. .