Eos Token Purchase Agreement

Posted by tommy

Our analysis of the EOS token sale observed token mechanisms, transaction operations and stock market financings of an order of magnitude relevant to the Ethereum ecosystem. There is no codified law, regulation or best practice that qualifies an early redistribution of funds as illegal or malicious during a token sale. However, this is not a common practice compared to other token sales we have studied or heard, and it may provide an incentive to increase crowdale and token price inflation. Investors/contributors to a token sale should understand the smart contracts under which toke selling is developed. Most importantly, token sales teams should make this information readily available. If there is no smart contract provision on how funds contributed are processed during the token sale, contributors may consider that this behavior could occur. Two characteristics of a token sale, which seem problematic to us in themselves, are the following: Block.one would like holders of EOS ERC 20 tokens, in addition to third parties who think that these tokens are for others, to recall their risks and responsibilities under the EOS token contract, in particular with regard to the registration of tokens before 1 June, 2018. It is recommended that all parties concerned carefully review the EOS Token Purchase Agreement as revised on 4 September 2017. The chart shows withdrawals from the EOS Funding Wallet that start five days after the start of the token sale. .