Hpe Service Agreement

Posted by tommy

An HPE Day One contract is a bespoke service contract that allows customers to consolidate services for a variety of products in a coterminate contract. The contract allows different levels of service or reaction times for different products, depending on the customer`s requirements. Hardware or software support can be added for the duration of the contract. If you buy directly from HPE, support agreements are registered with your company and your HPE account. You should be good at it, but remember that your employees create HPE accounts and also assign them the support agreement. To start this process, you need to select “Yes” at the top of the screen if you are tied to existing warranty releases or if you associate others. The process of shortening warranties, supporting aid or support agreements is as simple as clicking on the correct link and following instructions. If you have many existing systems that connect them via the batch tool, it`s most likely best to link them individually. The process of linking one of the three options is the same, you enter the SAID (Support Agreement ID), Care Pack or Guarantee Serial Number and select the type of single or multiple possession. Individual ownership means that you have control of the warranty and you need to set up all the warranty shares, and you need to add more to the action.

Multiple ownership means that everyone, as an equal owner, can refer to the warranty and thus create and manage shares. The combination of a care pack or warranty also allows access to other fields when linking it. You can choose the country or region of the purchase and assign a nickname to the linked device, such as the host name of the device, so that it is easily recognizable by everyone in the company. Under an HPE Day One contract, Zones even handles your third-party hardware. Whether you want to use your HPE products only under warranty or if you want to consolidate your third-party hardware into an agreement, HPE Day One can help you organize and protect your IT investments.