Postnuptial Agreements In Indiana

Posted by tommy

At Cross Glazier Burroughs, PC, our lawyers have extensive experience in auditing and developing post-uptial agreements. We help you understand the pros and cons of such an agreement and guide you through the legal complexities associated with it. These agreements are most often used to protect the financial interests of one or both spouses: it is not entirely clear whether subsequent post-ascendancy agreements will be respected or whether they will be properly considered, or whether an agreement reached after marriage without marital dispute would be maintained. However, we believe that this is at least something that should be considered as an option to save a marriage without resorting to divorce. Not all states recognize post-tear agreements. In Indiana, a couple can enter into a post-uptial contract as long as they meet certain conditions. If you are interested in protecting your assets through the post-marriage agreement, you should contact an experienced Indianapolis family law lawyer who can advise you on your rights. A similar agreement may be rarer, but it can be made after marriage. These agreements are called post or post agreements. Marriage contracts may be revoked or amended after marriage if both parties consent and submit a new document. The best way to protect your rights in a marital or post-ascendancy agreement is to speak with a competent family law lawyer. Ideally, your marriage will last a lifetime, but entering into a marriage or post-uptiale agreement with a spouse is a way to protect your rights if the marriage is to break up.

These agreements can be overturned by the courts if they are not properly implemented. If you have an experienced family lawyer in Indiana, you can develop an enforceable agreement that can protect your rights. Contact us today to learn more about how a marriage or post-uptiale agreement can help you. While it is impossible to say that a pre-marital or post-marital agreement will be 100 per cent binding, working with an experienced lawyer can increase the chances that a court will consider an agreement to be legally binding. If you would like more information on how working with a lawyer can maximize the benefits of a premarital or post-marital agreement, please contact us at 317-773-3030. Most people have heard of prenupes, agreements that were created before marriage, that deal with the sharing of ownership when the couple decides to separate.