Service Agreement Of Tcs Download

Posted by tommy

Is it going to be a problem if I get the notarized service contract? Is that 50, 000? is mandatory? I signed my warranty service contract n receives it notarized. Hello I had a doubtI notaraised in the service agreement also it`s any problem rather than the service agreement that the person entered it as a service contract in the description it is ok ??? I got the stamp paper for the service agreement and non-criminal affidavit on behalf of TCS.later only I came to know that it must be purchased on my behalf (according to TCS -ILP FAQ). But my notary said it wouldn`t be a problem. Is this acceptable or do I need to buy a new stamp paper? I don`t have a non-reissue service contract, will it be ok or do it again? Can I add space in the service agreement because the space is too small to fill and how do I add space in the empty spaces Dear Sir, For service, I have the ITR document of 2016-17, but in the last fiscal year, its tax amount is zero because of the occupancy is under 3 Lakh. Next year, the guarantee tax will be of a certain amount, as his profession is now 4 Lakh per year. I got his notarized bail name. Please let me know that this is acceptable. Be because my membership date is October 27, 2016.Kindly need. I accidentally printed the first three drafts of the first page of the service aggregating, will it be ok or do I have to have these spaces re-prepared will be written by pen? Please respond. If I opt for the FD. All I have to do is print the first page of the service agreement on the loan paper, with the exception of the part of the guarantee.

right? On the first page of the service agreement, instead of twelfth as my membership date, I wrote twelve. What am I supposed to do??? can I use white? Should we use thinners to correct misspelled words in the service agreement? Please reply Hello Sir if I receive the signature in the tesildar service agreement. Would I like to add form16 to this agreement? I made the first page of the service agreement with it is necessary if it is to be printed?? I printed my name on the service contract, are you going to be okay? we have to fill our name with the full initial in srvice agree?example: as ch.lakshmi we have to extend the ch here My ilp membership date is 02.09.2019 but accidentally I had the frontpage service agreement date 22.08.2019…Is that cause problems ??? Answer me quickly…. Thank you very much. Sir, I have the security of a taxpayer at income tax and he is my neighbor,so I can fill the empty relationship as a neighbor?and after having the security sign, just get a nationalized bank manager`s certificate on computer returns and pan card and on the last page of the service agreement? In the service agreement”CET ACCORD in Mumbai on this 1st – Should I reprint it? My service contract is signed by surity (income tax beneficiary) and also signed by an official in the form of Surity Verification. Surity itself is also under the direction of the Gazetted Officer. So he signed my service contract. So there is a problem if Officer De Surity and Gazetted is one person…. Hello. I signed my Dertyty service contract and accidentally certified notarized instead of a certificate. It`s going to be a problem.