Vessel Boarding Agreement

Posted by tommy

It is customary for owners to require third parties to perform a contract of carriage by sea (VBA or access agreement) to manage risks. The VBA is usually a simpler document than the Master Time Charter. It contains the main risk management provisions necessary to ensure the protection and predictability of the owner and the third party contractor in the event of bodily injury or property damage to the ship involving the property or personnel of one of the parties. BY SIGNING THE ATTACHED RISK-TAKING LIST, I CONFIRM THAT I HAVE READ THIS WAIVER AND AUTHORIZATION THOROUGHLY AND COMPLETELY, THAT I AM AWARE THAT THIS IS AN EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY AND A CONTRACT BETWEEN ME AND THE RELEASED PARTIES. I sign it of my own free will and agree to be bound to it forever from the date of my signature, and I remain in agreement that no oral statement, statement or inducement has been made, with the exception of the previous written agreement. AS THE PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN OF MINORS, I ALSO AGREE TO EXEMPT UNDER MY CUSTODY THE EXEMPTED PARTIES FROM ALL CLAIMS THAT THE MINOR MAY HAVE OR RESULTING FROM THEIR PARTICIPATION AND PARTICIPATION IN THE ACTIVITIES DESCRIBED ABOVE. But charterers often bring third parties on board ships, and master time chartering may not cover the associated risk.