Every now and then you get to experience the moment when it all comes together.

Here’s that moment in Green Parrot. It was a mad dash setting up in time. We literally had one take with the sun just right. But we got it. Andrew was in the zone, the light was perfect, the dolly was perfect, the focus was perfect and Feedback (the parrot) hit her mark. It may sound cheesy, but I was literally overcome with emotion. I tried to escape before the waterworks came, but…

Anyone crazy enough to make a living ‘making art’ knows how this feels. It’s the only reason why you go through all the bull$hit. No matter what the project, if you can find the moment when it all comes together then.. really what else is there?

Many thanks to @lixie.with.an.i for capturing us capturing this!

I sat on this patio countless times and the sunset took my breath away every time. It will be demo’d soon, but I’m proud to say that we captured it in a short film and several commercials.